Wintering range in Sierra Leone

Species: European Honey Buzzard

Project: Honey Buzzard habitat use and ranging on breeding and wintering sites

Wintering range from female 179 (period Sept 18- Oct 16, 2009) in Sierra Leone in degenerated rainforest (overall area used 3.4 sq km, daily ranges measure 15-30 ha, night roosts used repeatedly). The light green patches are cut forest regenerating or converted to agriculture. There is a palm oil plantation she seems to avoid. Riverine forest does not appear to be the preferred habitat. The foraging range in winter is only 3% of that in summer.

Location of winter range (red dot) of female 179 in West Africa, 150 km ESE of Freetown, Sierra Leone, some 80 km off the coast, 125 km from the border of Liberia. This is the most western wintering site to be occupied by our Veluwe birds. Green indicates countries with more than one wintering project bird.

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